Jacob Yarborough

My journey with photography began as a child. I always wanted or had a camera in my hands. I went through many point-and-shoot cameras growing up and was able to take photography to the next level in high school. I took the yearbook class and spent a couple of years running around with the yearbook cameras before getting my own 35mm SLR during my junior year. As film got too expensive to develop and print I put that camera away and used only digital for a while. 

As time went on I got my first digital SLR and really enjoyed the quick shutter response that I had not gotten in my previous digital cameras. As I got more proficient through practice and self education I began using my talents for various businesses. I shot images for Murals by Renick, Autumn Street Action Photos, New Stage Theatre, Fish Tale Group Theatre,  and Taproot Theatre. 

In Jackson, MS while studying Biblical Studies at Belhaven University I decided to take a photography class through the art department. This turned into 2 years of  photography courses (even after I completed my degree) and growing in the art of photography. I dug my old 35mm SLR out of a box and started shooting film again. This time I was developing and printing my own images. From the moment I put my first piece of photo paper in the developer and watched my image appear I was hooked! Working in the darkroom is an exciting endeavor that I will never get tired of. 

Now I have a growing passion for the history of photography and working with old images. Check out the story of how photography runs in my family back to the 1800's by looking at my Uncle Elmer's page.

 For more information about my non-photographic work check out my Work Resume and my Audio Resume.